La Jurade de Saint-Emilion in Britain

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Every three years or so a group of Jurats visit Great Britain to represent the Jurade, host dinners and tastings and hold Chapters at which new members are intronise or installed as Dames de la Jurade, Prud'hommes or Vignerons d'Honneur et Bourgeois de Saint-Emilion. In recent years they have visited London, York, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds and Lincoln.

This page shows some of the events organised for those visits.

Dining at Grays Inn
Dinner following a Chapter at Gray's Inn

Tasting at the Travellers' Club, Pall MallOther London events included a tasting at the Travellers' Club

Jancis Robinson MW & Julia Harding MW
and a dinner attended by Jancis Robinson MW and Julia Harding MW, both of whom are Dames de la Jurade.

Processing through York
In York the Jurats processed through the City, led by the York City Waits

 to Evensong at York Minster
to Evensong at York Minster

before a Chapter in the City's ancient Guildhall
and the installation of the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor as
Vigneron d'Honneur et Bourgeois de Saint-Emilion, here seen in his Jurade robes toasting the Jurisdiction in the City's 17th century gold cup
followed by dinner in the mediaeval Hall of the Company of Merchant Taylors in the City of York.


In 2013 the Jurade visited Lincoln and remembering that their rights were confirmed in 1199 by King John, went to see the other of his good works, Magna Carta

Processing  through the Cloisters at Lincoln
before processing to Evensong at the Cathedral and through the Cloisters

to a Chapter in the Chapter House
to a Chapter in, appropriately, the Chapter House.

Leaving Evensong at Christ Church Oxford
In Oxford the Jurats processed to and from Evensong at Christ Church

Chaper and Dinner at Balliol
before a Chapter and dinner at Balliol

at which, among others, Raymond Blanc OBE was installed as a Prud'homme.

In York there was also a Saint-Emilion Bar Mess for the North-Eastern Circuit
North Eastern Circuit Saint Emilion Bar Mess
at which
the outgoing Chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales and the Leader of the North-Eastern Circuit of the Bar were installed as Vignerons d’Honneur et Bourgeois de Saint Emilion

before a dinner in the Merchant Taylors’ Hall at which we enjoyed a goodly selection of the Jurisdiction’s produce:

Wines for dinner

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