La Jurade de Saint-Emilion in Britain

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The City seen from the Tour du Roi

Saint-Emilion from the Tour du Roi

where, around its solid base, vines flourish in the heart of the City.

Steep Tertre paved with English stone
One of Saint-Emilion's steep "Tertres", still paved with English stone which went out as ballast
for ships of the mediaeval wine fleets.

Saint-Emilion from the South, with vines pressing up to the City walls.

The sun breaking through an early morning mist at Château Cantenac.

The Jurade celebrating its heritage

This photo and the next show the Jurade at the Tour du Roi on the Nuit de Patrimoine celebrating Saint-Emilion's heritage

The Jurade at the Tour du Roi with torches

and on the following day processing through the City,
Jurats processing to the Tour du Roi

to pronounce the Ban des Vendanges, from the Tour du Roi,

The Jurats proclaiming the Ban

and so granting permission to growers to pick.
The Jurats proclaiming the Ban

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