La Jurade de Saint-Emilion in Britain

The Website of the British Association of the Jurade

This page gives some information on membership of the British Association and on events organised by or relevant to the two Chancelleries in Britain and of visits by them to Saint-Émilion.


The British Association of the Jurade is a fairly loosely knit but dedicated group of people who are interested in the Jurisdiction's wines and have got together both to discover more about them (without being so desperately serious about it that it ceases to be fun) and to enjoy fellowship, wine and food with like-minded people. To that end we meet together in England several times each year for lunches and dinners, always with good Saint-Emilions, and are sometimes joined by growers or one or other of the British Commanderies de Bordeaux. We also hold tastings at which one or more of the growers may be present.

The Chancellors also each organise a visit to Saint-Emilion every year, one by the Southern Chancellery in June to the
Fête des Fleurs and the other by the Northern Chancellor in September for the Ban des Vendanges, when the Jurade gives growers permission to begin their picking of the grapes. (Although we are privileged to have two Chancelleries, we operate as one Association with members from both Chancelleries enjoying all the events and visits to the Jurisdiction without regard to which Chancellor has organised them.)

The keenest members of the Association who become regular visitors to the Jurisdiction may be invited to become
Dames de la Jurade or Vignerons d'Honneur et Bourgeois de Saint-Emilion and so part of the Jurade itself as well as of its British Association.
Part of a Chapter of the Jurade showing the
intronisation or installation of new members can be seen through this link to a video.

From time to time we have visits from the Jurade to Britain with tastings and dinners as well as Extraordinary Chapters at which we welcome and install local dignitaries such as Her Majesty's Lords Lieutenant and Lords Mayor. We also install as
Dames de la Jurade or Prud’hommes some of the great names in food or wine writing and criticism – recent examples include Raymond Blanc, Julia Harding MW, Beverely Blanning MW and Julian Jeffs KC.
Many other Masters of Wine are also members of the Jurade.

There is no subscription for membership of the Association.

If you would like more information do contact one of the Chancelleries and we will try to help.


We are delighted to say that we are back in business after the problems posed by the Covid-19 outbreak and the measures in place to control it, and the British Association will once again be organising trips to Saint-Emilion as well as events here.If you are part of a Wine Club or tasting group or would like to arrange a tasting with a view to raising money for a charitable cause, please contact one or other of the Chancellors as we may well be able to help.


If you would like to know more about these visits, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

It is expected that there will be a visit from 15th June - 19th June 2023, for the
Fête des Fleurs:
- for more information please contact the Southern Chancellery


from 14th - 18th September 2023, for the
Ban des Vendanges:
- for more information please
contact the Northern Chancellery

Please contact us if we can help or if you would like to know more about the British Association either by clicking on the links on the right of each page
or by e-mailing or